Character's Story: Marked out from the other huge Skaven numbers from birth by the vermin god, with pure white fur, Albino grew up even more ill-treated and put to the side by all his fellow Skaven. This however grew him stronger and crueller then all the rest, until he arrived at the top. He trusts know one, with maybe one exception to Whimp his white fur rat pet, maybe. Now at the head of a huge clan, the name of Albino the white furred rat is feared by all those who have the misfortune to encounter him on the field of battle.

Inspiration: What if one out of the huge numbers the skaven can produce had the misfortune to be born different then all the mass of dark fur. What would happen if this particular rat was born with pure white candid fur. Well meet Albino one of the cruellest rat you will ever encounter. Why he is so cruel I leave it to you to imagine.

Cleaning and Assembly: Cleaning this miniature was quite a bit of work. The miniature is full of detail just where the sam line is flowing. I had to be very careful not to damage all this detail. The Blood Rat came only in 2 parts, which I did not assemble for ease of painting. I only made sure that the parts fitted well before undercoating.

Painting: Being Albino meant only one thing that white had to be the dominant colour on this miniature. What a contrast white for one of the dirtiest creature the Warhammer fantasy universe has ever produced. This was the challenge with this miniature. I wanted to paint a Skaven warlord in white which is usually the colour of noble heroes. There had to be lots of white but with a difference it had to be a very dirty white.

It was so that I started painting the rags and fur for Albino. After a base of Skull white was applied I started the dirtying process by applying a layer of ogre flash ink and another layer of black ink on both the skirt and the banners of the miniature. Once dry I highlighted them roughly with pure skull white. Once this was finished another layer of Black Ink was applied to smoothen the paint a bit. Once finished I used the same method on the fur but this time only with ogre red ink and black was kept only for the points of contact of the fur with other elements of the miniature. The final highlight was again pure Skull white to keep the few areas of fur on the miniature as much visible as possible thus marking this Skaven as anAlbionone.

The skin of the warlord was also deliberately kept as light in colour as possible by using soft pinks and elfin flash. It is well know that albino creature have very lightly coloured skin.

The skin of the warlord was also deliberately kept as light in colour as possible by using soft pinks and elfin flash. It is well know that albino creature have very lightly coloured skin.

However I needed a good contrasting element to make the fur and clothing of Albino pop out. I decided that the armour the Warlord is wearing would suit me fine for this purpose. So it was that I painted the armour black (white’s total opposite) but with a faint highlight of green to give it a magical warp stone look but I also added scratched metal highlights to keep in line with the Skaven’s dirty look. This was achieved but first painting the armour in green. Once dry it was give several layers (I lost count J) of black ink, until I achieved the desired effect. Once dry I highlighted here and there with boltgun metal to get the scratched look.

The rest of the painting was the detailing out but always keeping in mind the Skaven’s dirty look.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Albino Sakven Warlord
Games Workshop
Albino and his pet rat Whimp front view.
Whimp fitted very naturally on thebase.
The dark contrasting warp stone armour.
Albino and Whimp back view.
The dirty white came out really good.
NotZce the dirty symbols on the twin banners.
The wood poles come out very realistic.
The chop knife in all it gory glory.
A close-up of Whimp and the base.
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