Those very few to have seen it and survived know it as the Blood Rat. Where ever it goes only blood follows. Clad in a rusted blood red amour, red rags and covered also in red fur. It trusts only on its' halbard and chop knife to win its' battles taking pleasure only from seeing it's favorite colour flow more.

Straight from the Island of Blood comes my version of the Skaven Warlord found in this box. This is another rare miniature which can only be bought with the whole Island of Blood box set. When I saw it the inspiration on how to paint it came straight from the box set title. The Blood Islands. Why not having a skaven warlord which loved the colour of blood to be totally clad in it and always searching for it to flow more ;), so it was that the Blood Rat was born.

Cleaning: Cleaning this miniature was quite a bit of work. The miniature is full of detail just where the seam line is flowing. I had to be very careful not to damage all this detail.

Pre-Assembly: The Blood Rat came only in 2 parts, which I did not assemble for ease of painting. I only made sure that the parts fitted well before undercoating.

Painting: As the Blood Rat, red had to be the main colour. All possible items that composed this miniature had to be red but I did not want to over do it. Another important factor I kept in mind was the nature of this warlord. In essence this is a rat. All know that wild rats a dirty and do not care about their appearance. To keep to is character this warlord had to be dirty with damaged, rusted armour and equipment and torn cloths. Being a Blood Rat meant only one thing the this particular rat liked blood so blood had to flow as much as possible again without overdoing it. This is why I used extra weathering and lots of blood on this miniature to keep to it's name and story.

I first started with the red for the skirt rag. This was given a different red base so as to make it clear that it is a cloth not metal. Once finished I base coated the armour flaming orange, then covered it with red and shaded it. Once done I went around with black which was then highlighted with chainmail to reproduce the scratches and damage on the armour. This was then covered with a wash of ogre flash and black to weather the armour even more. Highlights were kept to a minimum. Finally I finished all the detail giving particular attention to cover the weapons with splattered blood and make them look old and much used.

For the banners I used the same method as for the skirt. I only added the skaven symbols but roughly so as to keep in character with the skaven brutal look.

The Warlord's pendants, banner symbol and flame were all given a greenish warp stone magical look to make them pop out from the rest and reinforce the skaves's bond with warpstone and it's magical properties.

Specials: As a special I concentrated on making the base look elfish as much as possible. I also added a fresh High elf rolling head to link the Blood Rat with the Islands of Blood.

So when you are having a good day out always take care on what you are walking on. You might never now from where underground the Blood Rat might come for you ;)


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Blood Rat
Games Workshop
Full front view.
Rags and damaged and rusted armour hide a formidable warrior not to underestimate.
Full back view.
Notice the weathering of the rags and armour
Full right view.
Full left view.
Frontal close-up of the Blood Rat.
The back banners full of Skaven symbols.
The Blood Rat's bloody halbard.
The Blood Rat's bloody chop knife.
Custom base with High Elf rolling head.
You can find the Blood Rat (Skaven Warlord) for sale at my online store or my ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for your army. A 360 degrees video of Rot Gut can be found at my YouTube Channel.