Dark Angel Librarian Turmiel – Dark Vengeance – Review

Another Dark Vengeance miniature I wanted to try out.  Dark Angel Librarian Turmiel.  This figure offered me quite a challenge especially the natural look of the cloak and a grim face expression so I went in for it and here is the result.


Cleaning:  Cleaning Trumiel was not that difficult.  Games workshop miniature are really state of the art today requiring minimal cleaning which is always easy to do.

Pre-Assembly:  I did not assemble any part of the miniature before painting and this help me a lot during the painting phase.

Painting: As I already said the greatest challenge for painting this miniature was the cloak.  I wanted it to look as natural as possible.  I started of with bleached bone.  Once dry I gave it a couple of shades of Ogre Flash ink.  Once these were dry I concentrated more flash ink shading in the folds of the cloak.  Then I began highlighting buy adding white to the bleached bone this I used white alone.

The blue armour was quite a challenge too.  Starting from a mid blue I first shaded with blue and then black ink.  After I mixed sky blue to the first blue tone and highlighted were needed.  Same for the green.  The power sword was give a spray of silver and then shaded with purple ink.  The engravings on in are faded from gold to red to pure white as if they were heating up.  I also free handed the white decorations on the green part of the cloak.

All that was left to do was to pick out the details and add a base.

Special:  Crushed Chaos symbol base: Again I gave the base a unique custom touch.  This to render my version of this miniature more unique and also give it an elevated position to let it show a bit more than the other miniature it will be with.  Seen on the base is a crushed chaos symbol on which Trumiel is walking but not before this chaos incursion had left its victims in the form of the skull you are seeing infront of Trumiel.


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