This is the twin of my SD Kirin Blade Master which maybe will go for sale in the future so if you are interested and she will still be in my hand send me an e-mail. PAYPAL payments accepted.

I had decided to make this kit together with the other 1/6 Kirin Blade Master Kit and a twin of this kit for sale. At that time I did not know what a hard task I was up for. This kit has around 53 parts, some of which are very delicate to work on. Now double these and add around another 30 parts to the whole work. Anyway it was quite a satisfaction at the end.

Cleaning: Cleaning this kit was quite a hard job. Many pieces are quite delicate to work on but the hardest parts were the skin parts. Great attention had to be paid not to damage or cancel the skin texture. The kirin belt was a mix of both the difficulties mentioned above. The Kirin fur parts were also quite tough to clean.

Pre-Assembly: The Pre assembly for this kit was also very hard to decide. After a lot of test fitting I settled to only pre assemble a to hair part and nothing more. All the rest of the parts would have to be fitted after painting. Not an easy task at all.

Painting: Painting a figure with so many pieces, all of which are small and all of them are quite detailed is never an easy task. Lots of hand painting and masking had to be pre planned carefully in order not to encounter much trouble. The Kirin skin tone was quite hard to achieve while the fur was quite easy for me. The blue parts of the armor was all hand painted.

Assembling: Assembling around 50 parts all of which are painted can create quite a lot of complications. I had to take care not to let the glue run where it wanted and in the meantime cover a lot of gaps and make sure all the 50 parts match perfectly. All of this I had to do x2. At the end I myself do not know exactly how I managed it. All I can advise you is to do it starting from the feet and going up. Gluing parts in advance while waiting for the main parts to dry. Assemble legs, arms body and face apart and finally gluing the together to finish the kit.

Specials: This figure is quite beautiful on its own and does not require any particular modification. This is why I added my touch on the base alone. The base resembles a small river where the Kirin Blade master has stopped maybe to refresh herself or maybe to check her position.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
SD Kirin Hunter
Monster Hunter
Full 360 View of the Kirin Blade Master.
The flash parts came out good too.
Check the Weapon.
This angled photo is one of my favorite.
As you can see the details are perfect everywhere.
Check the fading effect on the Helmet's Horn.
The Kirin fur helmet came out great.
The gree eyes are the only difference between the twins.
The river base. A classic of mine.
A group photo of the entire Kirin Blade Master team.