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Finally she and her green twin are finished. I have been wanting to do this figure from the very first time I saw it. First of all was the challenge of the welding effect (the silver yellow purple blue fade). Then there was the modeling challenge of having the figure both in armor and without it and finally I wanted to try sculpt and recast another monster hunter sword. This time the hunting Katana. So it was that I started working on this figure.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was not that hard except for the chain mail parts. The seam line passes right in the middle of them so one has to work hard not to cancle the chain mail sculpt with the seam line.

Pre-Assembly: None of the parts of this kit where pre-assembled before the painting phase but a lot of hours were spent test fitting all of the parts to ensure that they, firstly fitted well and secondly that they could fit and most of all hold without glue since the figure was to have two version in one. One with the armor and one where the armor could be taken off. In some parts magnets had to be used too.

Painting: Painting was to be a real new and exciting challenge. First of all for a good metallic color for both green and blue version I had to use enamel paints. It was the first time I tried them out and with that I had to use acrylics and inks to produce the welding effects. A base coat of chrome was use for the very silver effect of the top welding effect. To achieve a more brilliant and light reflecting blue and green metallic effect I added perla to both metallic blue and green. Rest of the painting was hard work but the usual one. A new method was tried out for the katana sharp edge effect. As you can see it perfectly reproduces the sharpening effect left on katanas by Japanese Master sword makers. I can also vary the edging effect to make it look like different masters have worked on different katanas.

Assembling: Assembling was quite a lot of work too. I had to make sure that the armor could be taken off. In the end the helmet, breastplate, shoulder protections and mid armor can all stand on the figure without glue so that they can be taken off or put on when ever one wants. The blades and scabbard can also be take off to stand alone or put in the hand of the figure when ever one wants.

Specials: The main specials for this figure were four.

The welding effect of the armor. I though it would be hard to achieve but with some well planned work all worked out well as you can see. One can do this effect where ever he wishes.

The armor on - armor off conversion. Quite a bit of before thinking had to go on how to achieve this effect with the least effort possible once the figure is finished. Infact in is so. Both options can be achieved with the removal or assembly of only 8 parts which are all very easy to remove or assemble and without the use of any glue.

The katana was another special. From the first time I saw this figure I was a bit disappointed that the figure sported no cool weapon that the Monster Hunter serious is famous for. It had only the handle of it fitted in the scabbard. It was then that I decided to try my second sculpt and produce a blade for the handle in the scabbard the figure had on the back. Now I can say that I am really satisfied of the result even becauseI managed to replicate my sculpting work by producing a mold and a resin copy of the Monster Hunter Katana.


The active volcano base. I had to think it a lot this time for the base. I had know idea of what to do until I encountered the plastic crystals you see on the base in a shop. From there I though what if the Talos Blade Master was doing one of the thing the Monster Hunter game is famous for. What if she was searching for a particular mineral to use in the creation of yet another armor or weapon. What if was doing so in a famous Monster Hunting environment. A volcanic area. There you have it my new base for this kit.

Enjoy my work. ^_^.

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Talso Hunter
Monster Hunter
Full front view - Katana added
Full back view.
Full left side view.
Full right side view.
Notice the new sharp edge effect fo the katana.
Welding effect, spread evenly all over the armor
The recast in resin made by myself of the Monster Hunter Hunting Katana.
Details were added even to the under armor.
Notice how well the armor reflects the light.
Armor Close up for your seeing pleasure.
The Monster Hunter Katana scabbard.
Amour close up - Immaculate painting. ^_^
Notice the welding effect I am really proud off.
Active volcano base. Notice the crystal minerals.
Yes the figure can take off its armor.
Back View without amour.
Notice hair parts when helmet is take off.
The Blue and Green Talos Blade Masters together.