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A commission from a friend of mine that happens to live also live close to where I live. For once I will not have to fear damage to my work after packing it up.

The Egg of the Emperor. Coming for one of the best and Darkest Manga (Comic) of Japanese origin. BERSERK. The yet unfinished fight between Gutts and Griffith. One of the most hated or loved objects in Manga History.

For those that do not know the story this egg represent some of the worst traits of evil. When this egg hatches Griffith betrays and sacrifices all his comrades to become a demon prince. Only Gutts and Kaska survive but are condemmed to a whole life of being hunted by Griffith s demons to complete the ritual. The fight is still ongoing since the Manga is not finished yet at the time I am writing this.

Many have different opinion on this but personally I hate what this egg represents because it is the symbol of betrayal. However I love the manga which although very dark is one of the best I have read so far. Don't read or watch the anime if you a fainth of heart.

Assembly. Assempling the figure was a bit hard since the hand had all the fingers seperated. All had to be individually attached to the main hand and the all round connection made invisible.

Painting. This figure is one to one in scale so I had to paint everything as naturally as possible so as to have a result as close as possible to reality. To obtain a decaying yet alive demonic hand I had to go through more than 12 layers (I lost count) of paint from pure white to 3 shades of purple 5 of grey, green and black to give that decaying yet still alive feel for the hand. The same idea was reinforced by the painting of the fingure nails from brown to bone to pure white to give that unkept look. The Behelit (on the other hand) was to result in sharp contrast with the hand. Besides 6 layers of red I also added a top layer of red ink to give it they shiny but not too glossy look which will make it reflect light much more thatn the hand and thus stand out more.

I had also lots of ideas for the base but in the end I kept it a simple gloss black so that it would not take attention for the Behelit.






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Egg of the Emperor
Egg of the Emperor Full front view.
Egg of the Emperor Full back view.
Egg of the Emperor Full right view.
Egg of the Emperor Full left view.
Giving the hand a natural decaying and rough feel was a top priority. More than 12 layers of paint were given. I lost count from then onwards.
The egg itself was to be given a very slight semi glossy feel like its somthing alive.
The finger nails too had to be given an old and unkept look.
I had many ideas for the base but at the end I decided to keep it simple gloss black so as to keep the focus on the hand and egg.